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About AUC

Founded in 1882, Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, Massachusetts was the oldest campus in the Seventh-day Adventist worldwide educational system. In 1882, the school was organized as a preparatory school under the leadership of Adventist 'pioneer' Stephen Nelson Haskell to serve the needs of Adventist constituents in the northeastern part of the United States and Bermuda.  It served the Northern New England Conference, New York Conference, Southern New England Conference, Bermuda Conference, Greater New York Conference, and Northeastern Conference.


“When I came to AUC, I knew I would be advancing in my learning and, to my surprise, I found a new family from the friends I made here. - Jeremias Garcia”

“AUC provided me with a first-rate education. The professors were accomplished, well-respected, and renowned intellectuals who prepared me for the career I enjoy today as well as the endeavors I have yet to fulfill. - Vanessa Cabral”


“Compared to other schools that I attended, teachers here are very encouraging and understanding. I felt God leading me here. - Daniel Moralez”




“Coming to AUC has impacted my life so much it brings happiness into my heart. Every morning I wake up knowing that God has brought me here for a specific reason. Spiritually, I can feel the presence of God in my life and the knowledge I have obtained in the last five months. I am grateful for your generosity. Your financial support really helps me because I have been striving to succeed while my family in Haiti is not able to help the way they wished.” - Rothschird Dangervil”

“I am amazed at the love I have received, and the knowledge I have gained so far. The opportunities that I have been given at Atlantic Union College are more than I could have ever imagined. The professors are very helpful. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals.” - RuthToussaint.”

“AUC was there for me when I was discouraged with school. Here I have met people who see potential in me and are willing to help me succeed no matter where that may be. Since walking onto campus last summer my eyes have been opened to the many blessings God has given me; how he protects and provides in the midst of my struggle.” - Valerie Bernadotte”

“AUC has given me the opportunity to receive a Christian based education. AUC has helped me in connecting with Jesus Christ. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!” - Stherline Larisma;  

“AUC came to my church and gave me a great opportunity and a great environment. The support gives me a better chance to accomplish my goals.” - Seth Jordan

“On behalf of students here at AUC, I would like to say thank you and may God continue to richly bless you for your generous contribution to uphold one of His dying Christian institutions. As a pastor-in-training you have fueled me with the desire to remain on board this movement that God is leading to proclaim His message to a dying world in need of youth fueled by Jesus’ character and heart’s burden.” - Travis Cranston”


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