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Message From The President


February 27, 2017


Dearly Beloved of God.

 I hope you and your loved ones are in good health.  There are new developments at Atlantic Union College.

 On the website is the AUC Timeline which illustrates activities that impact the life of the college.  Although Atlantic Union College is 134 years in existence, the Timeline starts at 2011 when the academic programs were suspended, and goes until the projected date of 2019. You may find it interesting that the Timeline indicates that institution changing events appear to happen in two year intervals.

Since the restart of the academic programs, fall 2015, measurable progress has occurred in the three areas of foci: regain accreditation, build the academic programs, increase the financial stability through enrollment and other resources. Movement towards accreditation has occurred with the denominational organization, Adventist Accrediting Association.  The AAA application has been filed. NEASC, the regional accreditation organization, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, gave Atlantic Union College approval to begin the accreditation process.  Amen. The accreditation process has many components and will take time and effort to complete. Nevertheless, the process has begun!

Authority to offer academic degree programs was granted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2013; the B.A. Theology/Religion, and the B.S. Health Science/Biology. The conditional approval ends in 2018.  Courses in the degree programs began fall 2015; two years after the initial authorization.  Measurable success has occurred in critical areas of assessment. However, more has to be accomplished in terms of enrollment. Scholarships are available for students in these academic majors.  Obtaining Articulation Agreements with accredited institutions is also a focus in building the academic programs.

Students may enroll in the academic degree programs as well as the Certificate Programs offered at AUC.  In support of Student Success, plans are in progress for offering College Preparatory courses to prepare students for the college/university placement exams in math, reading and writing. These courses are geared towards preparing students to enter college with the requisite skills to bypass developmental and remedial courses. This will create a savings of time and finances for college degree pursuing students and their families. The inaugural offering of the College Preparatory courses is planned for this summer and is tuition and fees free.  Students will pay for their course materials, and, in addition, for their food and dormitory expenses, if applicable. 

Guest speakers are invited to AUC to speak with men and women about their accomplishments and lessons learned that contributed to their lifestyle management and personal development.  Each presenter has a story to tell, an inspiration they may offer, and lessons to share from their experience.  The presentations may be in the format of lectures, workshops, and/or discussion groups. This Presidential Lecture Series is part of the fundraising effort at Atlantic Union College. Fundraising is on-going and donations are accepted at anytime, online at ; by mail and/or in person at the Cashier’s window. Some of the projects donations will fund are: student hardship and emergencies, establishing a Museum and Art Gallery to house historical Seventh-day Adventist memorabilia and art, building renovations, and technology upgrades.

Financial stability is important in the accreditation process. Atlantic Union College is sustained by subsidies provided by the Atlantic Union Conference’s six local Conferences. Under the leadership of the Conference Presidents, the constituency’s continued support of the work of AUC to train men and women to be in service to God in fulfilling the mission of outreach to nations: Matthew 28:19 and 20; and Revelation 14 :6 and 7; is greatly appreciated.  The Constituency's support has led to many graduates over the history of AUC to serve the Church. Atlantic Union College is the bedrock of Adventist education in the northeast corridor of the United States, and the only Seventh-day Adventist College in this region.

 Thank you. Galatians 6: 9-10.  Be well in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. 


In Christian Service,

Dr. Avis Hendrickson