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Additional Information Re AUC’s Conditional Authority to Award Degrees – April 1, 2014

On June 18, 2013 the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education accorded Atlantic Union College conditional authority to award the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Health Science/Biology and the Bachelor of Arts in Theology/Religion.

 The grant of this authority has been made with stipulations.  The most important requires the College to submit regular reports to the Board of Higher Education for a period of five years.

 For more information about the institution’s conditional authority, please link to following web page:

Northeast Evangelism Training School Officially Opens--November 20, 2013

A dedication ceremony signaling the official opening of the Northeast Evangelism Training School (NETS) was held on November 20 on the campus of Atlantic Union College. The ceremony included a ribbon cutting, brief speeches by special guests, and a tour of the Miles Building where NETS will be housed.
Welcoming those attending the event, Donald King, Atlantic Union Conference President and co-founder of NETS, said "Today marks a very special and epochal moment in the history of our union, to capture the beginning of a training program for our church members, and local and community leaders, who wish to be trained in the art of Bible teaching, soul winning, and community health ministry."
Among the special guests was Lancaster town administrator, Orlando Pacheco, who brought greetings. "It's a very special day for the town, not just today, but we look toward the future as we welcome a new member into our community," Pacheco said. "I can't think of a more important time for this type of instruction to take place, when not only nationally but globally we're suffering from so many issues."
Alvin Kibble, North American Division vice president, brought greetings on behalf of the administrators of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. "We celebrate you, we support you, and we praise God for the visionary leadership that has brought this about. So, please know that your brothers and sisters throughout the North American Division salute you for this brand new initiative," Kibble said.
Attending the event were administrators, directors, staff, and executive committee members from the Atlantic Union Conference, the six local conference presidents and other conference administrators, the Atlantic Union College interim president, and others from the college and the community.
NETS is an evangelistic training school, directed by Eric Flickinger. Graduates are prepared for a career in lay ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and to more effectively serve God in churches, communities, or schools.
NETS, a non-higher education certificate program, is sponsored by the Atlantic Union Conference, headquarters for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Northeast United States and Bermuda, and is supported by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America and the Seventh-day Adventist World Church.
--Ednor A. P. Davison, assistant to the president for communication, Atlantic Union Conference

AUC Holds Strategic Planning Session and Constituency Meeting

Members of the Atlantic Union College (AUC) Strategic Planning Committee, conference presidents and their representatives, officers of the Atlantic Union Conference, as well as key individuals from the North American Division met together in a two-day strategic planning retreat (September 27, 28) in Devens, Massachusetts, to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the direction of the “new” Atlantic Union College going forward.

The sessions, facilitated by Frederick Russell, strategic consultant, and Gina Brown, AUC academic consultant, were used to examine the next steps in moving the college ahead. The retreat group also sought to explore measurable outcomes and planning that would be used to propel the college toward the next five years of restarting, along with appropriate growth and development.

Members of the committee were excited and looked at such initiatives as planning for new degree offerings, as well as the types of individuals who are needed at the college to carry the mission and vision forward. The focal point of the session was to ensure that Seventh-day Adventist education is preserved and that the second coming of Jesus as well as all biblical aspects of Adventist education are foundational to every new plan for the college’s vision and mission.

The session ended on Sunday, September 29, on the campus of the college, with a full-day constituency meeting of Atlantic Union College delegates from all parts of the Atlantic Union territory. At the meeting, a new vision for the college was cast by the officers of both the union and the college. Based on the newly-granted authority to offer baccalaureate degrees in theology/religion and biology/health science by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (MDHE), the constituency delegates voted to amend the bylaws in congruence with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education requirements.

The Administration

Atlantic Union College



Atlantic Union College Corporation


NOTICE IS HERBY GIVEN that a special session of the Atlantic Union College Corporation is called to convene Sunday, September 29, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. in Machlan Auditorium, Main Street, South Lancaster, Massachusetts 01561.

           The purpose of this meeting is to give an update on Atlantic Union College, share its vision, seek constituency support, consider revisions to the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws of Atlantic Union College, and any other business which may be properly be brought before the body.

           According to the Atlantic Union College Articles of Incorporation and By-laws IV, Constituency; the members of this corporation shall be composed of:


(a)       The members of the Board of Trustees of Atlantic Union College.


(b)       Representatives of the College who shall be regular, full-time employees elected by the college officers and academic and auxiliary department heads not to exceed one-third of the total number of constituents excluding General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist representation.


(c)       Three (3) local conference educational superintendents, four (4) senior academy

principals, either the secretary or treasurer of each local conference of the Atlantic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


(d)      The members of the executive committee of the Atlantic Union Conference of Seventy-day Adventists.


(e)       The members of the North American Division and or General Conference Committee of Seventh-day Adventists in attendance at any meeting of this corporation. The North American Division and or General Conference delegates shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the total number of delegates.


(f)       Up to eight (8) Atlantic Union College alumni who are not included in the other categories, selected by the AUC alumni executive committee.


Duane Cady, Interim President

Carlyle Simmons, Secretary

Update Re Degree-Granting Authority at Atlantic Union College

The Board of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Mass BHE) has accorded Atlantic Union College the authority to award the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Theology/Religion and Bachelor of Science in Health Science/Biology.


We are delighted with this decision and will be working over the coming months to develop faculty and staff, to seek accreditation, and develop plans for recruitment.


Further and ongoing information will be forthcoming as soon as it is available. We thank all who have been praying and patiently waiting for this positive outcome from the Mass BHE.


The Administration

Atlantic Union College

Update Re AUC’s Application Process to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (MDHE)

May 29, 2013


On April 18, 2013, AUC officials met with the MDHE officials to discuss the status of AUC’s application seeking degree-granting authority. Subsequent to the meeting, AUC received a letter from the MDHE seeking further answers to several questions that mainly had to do with organization and governance, finance (including capital/facilities improvements) and enrollment planning. A deadline of May 24, 2013 was given for AUC to respond. AUC officials, with the assistance of its attorneys, responded to all MDHE questions and hand-delivered them on May 23, a day before the deadline. AUC awaits to hear next from the MDHE.


AUC Administration

AUC Update on Meeting With

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Meeting

April 18, 2013


On April 18, the Atlantic Union College (AUC) team met with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (MDHE) team in reference to the status of AUC’s application seeking degree-granting authority.


The meeting, which started with an introduction of both teams and lasted approximately an hour and a half, was conducted in a very congenial and positive manner. The MDHE Commissioner, Dr. Richard Freeland, chaired the meeting and explained on behalf of the MDHE why it has taken so long to process the application. Dr. Duane Cady gave an overview of AUC’s history with the MDHE, the application process, and noted that the purpose of the meeting was to continue the relationship between AUC and the MDHE and to find out what needed to be done to move the application process along. The members of the MDHE group asked detailed questions about the finances of the institution, future plans, accreditation questions, and potential next steps. The AUC team felt comfortable in their responses to the questions, which were anticipated.  


The meeting ended with both groups feeling that the time spent was clarifying, constructive, and affirmative. The AUC team represented the institution in a positive light as well as ensuring the MDHE of its commitment to Christian higher education and a stable financial future. AUC awaits next-step instructions and a pending decision from the MDHE and will continue to keep all informed of the process. The AUC team included Donald King, Duane Cady, Leon Thomassian, Lloyd Brown, Gina Brown, and Jim Cox (attorney from Rubin and Rudman law firm in Boston).


Please keep the institution in prayer as we await further feedback from the MDHE.


AUC Administration

Update re Postponement of the Hearing for Atlantic Union College

In December 2012, AUC Representatives received an email from Dr. Kate Harrington from the Massachusetts Department of Education (MDHE) stating that “unfortunately, the January Board committee meeting has been canceled so the earliest we could take the two programs to the Board for approval will be March 5, 2013” as there was no meeting schedule for the month of February.

This email was in response to additional documents and information that had been requested from AUC and which was sent to the Mass DHE.

At present, the Administrative team of AUC has submitted all requested documents and are awaiting further response from the MDHE.

AUC Administration

Atlantic Union College Board Appoints New Interim President

On November 11, 2012, the Atlantic Union College (AUC) Board of Trustees appointed Duane M. Cady, M.D. as interim president. Cady is a general surgeon of more than 30 years in upstate New York, an immediate past chair of the American Medical Association Board of Trustees, and a graduate of Atlantic Union College in Lancaster, Massachusetts, and Loma Linda University in California. He is also an elder in the Syracuse Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Earlier this year, AUC applied to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education for the purpose of reestablishing degree-granting authority at the college after it was informed in 2010 by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) that its accreditation would be discontinued for financial reasons. The college is now in the final phase of the application and has asked Cady, currently a board of trustees member, to assume the position of interim president. In this role, Cady will work wi th board chair, Donald G. King, president of the Atlantic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, to carry forward the mission of the institution.


Below is the full biography of Duane M. Cady, M.D.



Duane M. Cady, MD

Immediate Past Chair, Board of Trustees

American Medical Association


Duane M. Cady, MD, a general surgeon of more than 30 years in upstate New York, was re-elected to the American Medical Association (AMA) Board of Trustees in June 2003. He became chair in June 2005 and serves on the board s executive committee. Dr. Cady is also a past president of the AMA Foundation.

Dr. Cady s AMA responsibilities have included membership on the Council on Medical Service (CMS), chair of the CMS Committee on Medical Payments and Review, as well as the CMS Committee on Health Care Access. He has helped develop AMA positions on issues concerning physician reimbursement and employment, Medicare and Medicaid programs, health insurance coverage, and managed care.

Dr. Cady has served as medical staff president, chair of the department of surgery and member of the board of trustees at St. Joseph s Hospital in Syracuse, N.Y. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners and a member of both the American Society of General Surgeons and Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. He has also served on the board of trustees of Atlantic Union College, his alma mater, and on the board of the VistaCare Hospice Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides financial aid and assistance to hospice patients. Dr. Cady is past president and chairman of the board of trustees of the Medical Society of the State of New York and past president of Onondaga County Medical Society. He was appointed by Gov. George Pataki as chair of the New York State Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Council and was a member of the governor s Task Force on Hospital Reimbursement Reform and the New York State Public Health Council s pain management task force. He also founded and was Chair/President for 10 years  of Patient's Choice, a 30,000 member Health Maintenance Organization in Syracuse.

A frequent spokesperson for the physician community in New York, he is a member of the executive committee of Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company, which insures 39,000 physicians and 370 hospitals throughout New York, New Jersey and Ohio.

Dr. Cady received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Atlantic Union College in Lancaster, Mass., and a medical degree at Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Loma Linda, Calif. He served an internship and surgery residency at State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse.

Dr. Cady is a former captain of the U.S. Army Medical Corps and served as an Army surgeon in Vietnam. He chaired the  Parkview Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy school board for 10 years with 100 students in Syracuse and was on the New York Conference K-12 board for 8 years. Dr. Cady is an Elder in the Syracuse Seventh-day Adventist church where he has served for many years.

He enjoys golf, hunting and fishing. He and wife Joyce have been married for 50 years and have five children.

Notice Regarding Atlantic Union College’s Degree Granting Authority by the State of Massachusetts

A copy of the following notification was sent to the Office of the Secretary of State concerning the approval on June 18, 2013, of AUC’s request to offer the Bachelor of Science in Health Science/Biology and the Bachelor of Arts in Theology/Religion , provided that the Board of Higher Education will undertake to review, during the next five-year period, the continued progress of the institution toward meeting the goals set forth in connection with its petition to the Board of Higher Education and its compliance with the following stipulations:

1.      By December 1, 2013, the institution shall submit to the Commissioner for his review and approval updated By-Laws which: a) specify that the composition of the Atlantic Union College Board of Trustees shall reflect appropriate qualifications and professional expertise (for example, legal, financial and/or academic backgrounds and experiences) to lead the institution; and b) that the number of trustees without an affiliation with the institution's parent entity must exceed the number of trustees required for a quorum.

2.    The institution shall review the provisions in its conflict of interest policy which address the reporting, receiving and handling of trustee conflict of interest issues, and shall identify, in its December 2013 submission to the Commissioner, any new or amended provisions resulting from that review.

3.    The institution shall submit to the Board of Higher Education semi-annual status reports by December 15thand June 1st of each year during the five year review period, providing narrative and statistical information on the College, including updates on hiring, enrollment, finances and other information, as requested by Department staff.


Richard M. Freeland