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A registration fee is assessed one time per family per school year (September through August)

  • Registration, $25.00


Students and parents may consult with the office in their choice of teachers and lesson times. One may choose to study for 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a time. Advice on length of lesson can be given by the teacher with reference to the level of study and age of student. 

The cost for one private lesson per week for most instructors is:

  • 30 minutes - $32.00
  • 45 minutes - $48.00
  • 60 minutes - $64.00

Contact Us  for exceptions to this fee schedule.  

Membership in some ensembles requires an audition. Contact Us to set up an appointment with the instructor.  

The fee for an ensemble or class is collected in full at the time of registration. Those starting these classes late as new students will pay a partial fee based on weeks remaining.

  • Rehearsal - $30.00 per hour (prorated, based on 20-minute increments)
  • Performance -  $30.00/hour (prorated, divided by the number of students needing an accompanist) 

When a student registers for lessons, a down payment towards the lesson fee is required with the registration fee. When this is done, the office personnel will reserve a lesson time for the student. Before the down payment is made, a lesson time cannot be guaranteed nor can the teacher give any lessons.

The amount of the down payment is to be 35% of the lesson fees for the fall and spring semesters, and 50% for the summer session.

After the registration fee and down payment are paid, the lesson fee balance for that session will be billed monthly. The balance may be paid in one payment for the summer session, two payments for the fall session, or three payments for the spring session. The due dates of these payments are:

  • Fall session - First Monday of October and November by 5:00 PM.
  • Spring session - First Monday of February, March, and April by 5:00 PM.
  • Summer session - Last Monday of July by 5:00 PM. 

If payments are not made by the payment due dates above, the student’s lessons may be put on hold until payment is made. Lack of payment may result in a student losing his or her time slot with the teacher.

5% Discount is given on instruction tuition with  full payment of the entire year's tuition (fall and spring sessions) at the time of registration in the fall. 
3% Discount will be given on tuition with full payment for the session made in advance at the beginning of the session.

1% Finance charge of will be posted to balances remaining at the close of the sessions.
NSF Check Finance Charge There is a $30 fee for checks returned due to insufficient funds or charges made to invalid credit cards.

Limited scholarship funds may be available to qualified students. These funds will be distributed according to need and applicable for only one term at a time. Interested students should submit a written request to the director. All scholarship awards will be applied when the remaining balance of the student's account for that term is equivalent to the scholarship.

If a student overpays during a session for any reason, the amount of the overpayment maybe carried over to the next session as a credit for lesson fees.  If the student wishes to receive a refund for the overpayment, a written request must be given to the office personnel. 

If the student decides to stop lessons by the drop date and informs the office in writing, he or she has no further financial obligation for the rest of the session. Credits will be issued for unused lessons.

If the student stops lessons after the drop date, no refund or credit will be given the student except in very special circumstances (i.e. broken arm, moving out of state, or extended illness.) This policy exists as a protection to the teacher, who has secured a time for you and turned away another student.

Withdrawal dates for the 2012-2013 school year are October 19, 2012 (fall semester) and February 8, 2013 (spring semester).

  The College takes seriously the safety and security of its students and employees. After normal school hours, the College employs security guards on campus; in addition, the Music Department employs a student monitor who is responsible for Thayer in the evenings.  If a security guard or student monitor makes a reasonable request of a student or family member who is waiting in the building, cooperation is expected. No one is allowed in the building after hours, even if a door or window is found unlocked.  

The College maintains exit lights, emergency lights and smoke detectors, but everyone using the building needs to be aware of the location of safety exits. 

There is no smoking allowed in the building, nor any type of open flame vessel such as candles, matches, cigarette lighters, etc.

The sign-in system for children eighth grade and below will ensure that in case of emergency, these children will be located and properly assisted by emergency personnel. 

Another safeguard to our TPAC students is the guest sign-in procedure. This applies to those who enter the building for reasons other than lessons, rehearsals, or concerts (not applicable to parents or family members who accompany students to lessons.) These guests must state their purpose and abide by TPAC and college rules. 

Protection of personal property is the responsibility of the student. Atlantic Union College and its subsidiaries are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please keep all personal items (i.e. wallet, purse, backpack, musical instruments, etc.) with you at all times or see that they are securely locked. In the case of a theft of personal items, the Thayer Office should be notified and an incident report will be filled out.

Incidents of personal injury should also be reported to the Thayer Office and an accident report filled out. The office has a supply of band-aids; however anything serious may require a call to 911 or at times the college nurse may be of assistance

Students gain the most from consistent study. Students are encouraged to meet lessons weekly if they are to profit from the experience at Thayer. Proper practice between lessons also enables the student to gain the most out of the musical instruction time.

Students are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes before the lesson time, and to leave no more than 15 minutes after the lesson time.

Arriving students are asked to go directly to the designated waiting area closest to the teacher’s studio.

Students who have completed their lessons are to use the grand central staircase to go to the Oak Room on first floor where they can wait to be picked up. (All other areas of the building are off-limits.)

Seasonal outside waiting is to be in the area to be designated and is allowed only with special parental permission.

Students in ensembles are asked to follow these same policies.

Students with siblings taking lessons are also asked to wait in the Oak Room and should be picked up within 15 minutes of the completion of the last lesson.

It is an expected courtesy to notify a teacher through the office when a student is unable to attend a lesson.

For sickness, emergencies, and unexpected schedule conflicts, each student is granted two make-up lessons during the regular school year—one during the months before the December make-up lesson week, and one during the months before the May make-up lesson. One make-up lesson is also allowed during the Summer Session; the make-up lesson week is in August. During these three weeks designated “Make-up Lesson” weeks, only those students needing make-up lessons will be taught.

These make-up lessons are guaranteed only if the office was notified at least 24 hours prior to the absence. (These are designated “Absence Excused” or AE in our attendance records.)

If the office is notified less than 24 hours ahead of the lesson, it is appreciated as a courtesy to the teacher, but no make-up lesson is given. (These are designated “Absence Unexcused” or AU in our attendance records.)

The teacher is not obligated to make up more lessons than those guaranteed in this policy, regardless of the reason for the student’s absence. However, if the teacher cancels a lesson for any reason, he or she is responsible to make certain the student receives the correct number of lessons for the session. (These are designated “Teacher” or T in our attendance records.)

At times, by agreement with the student or parent, a teacher will arrange a lesson at a different time during the week, or give a longer lesson to make up his or her absence. If this is not done, a credit or refund will be given to the student.  

  We do not necessarily close when the public schools close. A decision about Thayer closing for inclement weather will be made for the morning classes by 8:30 a.m. and for the afternoon and evening classes by 1:00 p.m. Cancellation information may be obtained by calling 978-368-2100 after those times for a recorded message. Lessons missed because we close will be made up. A lesson will also be made up if a teacher cancels, even though we are open. 

To make the following sign-in procedure as simple as possible, you may park briefly in the drop-off area at the front door of the building as you sign in your child. Otherwise, please park in the parking lot provided beyond the building. Vehicles should not park in the fire lane on the right side of the driveway.
Reservations for practicing in a recital hall should be made through the Thayer Office to avoid conflicts in scheduling.
Upon registration, a parent may make arrangements for a student to practice in a specified room while waiting for a sibling. If a room is available, the office will issue a practice pass for that day on a first come/first serve basis. (Only one student is allowed in a practice room at a time.)
  • Parents and guardians of students fourth grade and below are asked to bring the students into the building and sign them in each time they come for a lesson; we also ask you to sign them out as they leave.
  • Fifth to eighth grade students are asked to sign themselves in and out each time they come for a lesson.
  • Everyone entering the building after 6 pm is asked to sign in.
All posters and notices must be approved by the office.  College events are posted on the bulletin board near the office.  Other notices are posted on the bulletin board on the opposite wall.
There are both a pay phone and a campus phone provided for student use in the front hall on the first floor of Thayer Performing Arts Center.