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Friends of Thayer Performance Arts Center (TPAC) is a voluntary organization of fine art (art and music) teachers, parents, students and members from the local Central Massachusetts communities who are dedicated to supporting the mission and development of the Thayer Performing arts Center of Atlantic Union College.  Like the internal gear works of a fine clock or music box, Friends of TPAC is the gear works behind-the-scenes that make TPAC run smoothly.  Friends of TPAC is dedicated to help and support creating an environment at Thayer Mansion that is ideal for all talented artists and musicians to develop their talents and skills.  Friends of TPAC is also committed to recognize and support each member's important position and contribution to the over-all effort of seeking to bring out the best of talent in our communities.  Join your Friends of TPAC and make a beautiful and harmonious contribution by supporting the fine arts.
Friends of Thayer continuously look for ways to improve and maintain the Thayer Mansion facility and its equipment so that it remains a beautiful and inspirational environment to learn and share art and music.  Fund raising events coupled with recitals and art exhibits are committed to support specific projects.    On the top of the list of fund-raising projects are scholarships for talented students who otherwise could not develop their talent.  In the past, Friends of Thayer has purchased or privided the beautiful, large oriental carpets in the rooms, all the comfortable folding chairs and seating furniture as well as the round and rectangular tables used for fund-raising banquets and special events.  Friends of Thayer has remodeled the entire third floor and is responsible for the exterior potted plants, signage and seasonal decorations.  Receptions after recitals and concerts are catered for with the help of Friends of Thayer.  Promotion and support of its instructors is done through website and Facebook page maintenance.  Add your support by viewing, liking and sharing our sites.Join, view, share and follow us on Facebook!
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The individuals who are the gear works behind the scenes of TPAC  YOU and its directors. You are included because you are hear reading this page because you are supporting with your interest.  The various directors of TPAC are listed here with their emphasis so that you may direct your focus and support more to your liking.
Left-right; First Row:
1.  Fawn Gagnon, President
2.  David Cady, Vice President
3.  Barbara Fuller, Treasurer
4.  Maria Roybal-Hazen,  PR and Secretary
Second Row:
1. Bonnie Koval, Faculty Representative
2. Sheryl Crowley, Parent Representative
3. Connie Drexler, Director of Youth Ensemble of New England
4.  Kathryn Kalmansson, Director of group Rose, Thorn and Fiddle
Third Row:
1.  Earl Raney, Director of Atlantic Wind Symphony
2.  Roy Imperio, Direcotr of Nashaway Trio

Contact Any of us at by Email:  friendsofthayer@gmail.com