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Course Status - Current{expander}

Once ALL clearances are completed, the registrar office will change the course status from 'pre-registered' to "Current."  The student will then show on the course roster.

Course Status - Pre-Registered{expander}

After the advisor has "approved" the courses, the system changes the status of the course from "reserved" to "pre-registered."  The student then continues with the Registration Clearances Process.  Once all clearances are cleared, the registrar office will change the course status from 'pre-registered' to "Current."

To avoid late fees, make sure to complete all registration clearances prior on the Last day of Registration.  Late registration fees apply after the registration dateline.

Course Status - Reserved{expander}

After the advisor has "Cleared" the student for pre-registration, the system gives an status of "Reserved" to all courses the student pre-registers for thus saving a seat for the course.  The student notifies the advisor via email or phone call they have completed pre-registration. The student then continues with next step in the Registration Clearances Process.

Registration/Transcript Hold{expander}

A past due Requirement that needs to be fulfilled prior to be Enrolled or have an Official Transcript released.

Registration Clearance{expander}

A Registration Clearance is a requirement a student needs to complete prior to being Enrolled.

Officially Registered (Enrolled){expander}

This means the student has completed the registration process. After all clearances have been completed, the registrar changes the courses status to "Current" and records the Officially Registered date.
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