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The Medical Billing and Coding Certificate is a 375 hour, 40-week comprehensive training program that will prepare students for entry-level coding positions in physician's office, hospitals, nursing homes, or other health agencies that require medical billing. Medical coding professionals provide a key step in the medical billing process. Every time a patient receives professional health care in a physician’s office, hospital outpatient facility or ambulatory surgical center (ASC), the provider must document the services provided. The medical coder will abstract the information from the documentation, assign the appropriate codes, and create a claim to be paid, whether by a commercial payer, the patient, or Centers for Medicaid or Medicare Services (CMS).

The program emphasizes a medical background as well as a working knowledge of ICD-10 and procedural CPT/HCPCS basic coding principles so that students may assign diagnostic and procedural codes to specific diagnoses, diseases, and procedures. Students will recognize the importance of a coder's position to ensure a successful medical coding practice. Using the Body System/Body Area approach, this program will prepare the student for the entrance into the field of medical coding. In this program, you will learn and be prepared to work in the coding field for any medical specialty for all aspects of coding.



This program prepares students to take the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) examination sponsored by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) on campus. Once a student passes the Certified Professional Coders (CPC) exam the student will hold a CPC-A, (“A” stands for Apprentice”) recognized by the American Academy of Professional Coders 2016 – 2017 College Catalog - 63 (AAPC). The Certified Professional Biller (CPB) credential prepares medical billers with skills to maintain all aspects of the revenue cycle. Without expertise in medical billing and the nuances of payer requirements, reimbursement may be compromised. The CPB® exam prep will consist of practical approach to claims management, patient record keeping, legal and ethical issues that impact the medical billing industry. The prep will review the billing process, claim adjudication, managing insurance and patient account receivable and collection activity.



Duration: 3 Semesters


Course Title



Medical Terminology


ALH201 Pharmacology


BIOL125 Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health


MBC101 Medical insurance Billing



Medical Coding I (Procedural - CPT/HCPCS)


Medical Coding 2 (Diagnostics – ICD10)


CPC Exam Prep and Exam


Christian Living in the 21st Century



Total Certificate Hours


Program Cost: $5,000

 *Includes books, test fees for national exams.


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