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The mission of the College is “to develop the whole person by inspiring faith in a loving Creator God and encouraging a passion for knowledge, truth, and service to humanity.”

The health  Sciences program seeks to fulfill that mission through varied courses in biology, chemistry, physics, humanities, social sciences, religion, and community engagement that “develop the whole person.” In the classes, by example and teaching, the faculty will “inspire faith in a loving Creator God.” The department seeks to excite students with a passion for teaching and learning and knowledge and truth. The program is designed to help the student to better serve humanity through whatever means, but especially through specific healthcare careers. 


  1. to create an atmosphere conducive to learning
  2. to provide our students with an educational background suitable for future studies in graduate school, secondary teaching, professional school, or careers in health and biological sciences
  3. to impart to our students an understanding and appreciation of God's awesome creative power to properly equip them to tell others about the love of our Lord and Savior
  4. to stimulate creative and independent thought through student designed research projects
  5. to prepare our students to be Christian leaders and to engage their communities
Science Complex
123 E George Hill Rd
1st floor
Atlantic Union College
Health and Natural Sciences
P.O. Box 1000
South Lancaster, MA 01561-1000
Fax: 978-368-2528
PDF: Health Sciences brochure
Website: auc.edu/HealthSciences

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