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The Department has a dual function. It serves the general student in the areas of spiritual development and is an introduction to theological studies from the Seventh-day Adventist perspective.

Theology Program

The Department of Theology's mission is foundational to this Christian college's structure and curriculum.

"To be a distinct agent of spiritual leadership on the AUC campus, guiding students toward spiritual maturity while helping them integrate their future disciplines into their lives of faith.   The department works to integrate students’ theoretical learning with practical parish-based experiential learning, equipping them for intercultural pastoral ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church."

The faculty at AUC is specifically diverse to match the make-up of its intended student body, and in line with past experiences before AUC's hiatus. All intended faculty have served in various parish ministries and know the importance of community involvement and service orientation. Faculty will be required to be members in good and regular standing with the sponsoring denominational organization. The program will be aligned with the mission of the SDA Church, in that students will have the ability to serve in internships within local churches as well as churches throughout the North American Division. Additionally students may have spiritual mentors and advisors to work with them, allowing for unique service projects. This will allow the mission to be “lived” across the campus. 

Founders Hall
1st floor
Atlantic Union College
Theology Department
P.O. Box 1000
South Lancaster, MA 01561-1000
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