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A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Theology has a dual function: it fulfills pre-seminary requirements and is a preparation for the pastoral ministry and allied professions such as hospital chaplaincy and public evangelism. For those planning to enter the seminary, a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 is required. Emphasis is given to multicultural or intercultural understanding and active involvement in developing practical ministry skills. Learning how to interpret the Bible for yourself and others, gaining appreciation for Seventh-day Adventist theological foundations and experience are also central to this program.

To complete the requirements of this degree one must complete the major and cognate requirements, and general education courses and electives.

Major and Cognate Requirements: 74 hours
Course No. Course Title Credits Hours
LING 241 Beginning New Testament Greek I 3
LING 242 Beginning New Testament Greek II 3
LING 381 Intermediate New Testament Greek I 3
LING 382 Intermediate New Testament Greek II 3
LING 441 Beginning Biblical Hebrew 3
LING 422 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew 3
PHIL 220 Philosophy of Education 3
RELB 113 The Gospels 3
RELB 115 Early Old Testament 3
RELB 126 Introduction to Discipleship 3
RELB 411 Daniel 3
RELB 412 Revelation 3
RELB 421 New Testament Epistles 3
RELH 253 Adventist Heritage 3
RELH 258 Gift of Prophecy 2
RELH 373 History of Christianity 3
RELP 245 Preaching 3
RELP 252 Pastoral Ministry 2
RELP 254 Clinical Pastoral Training 2
RELP 255 Personal Evangelism 2
RELP 257 Intercultural Word and Worship 3
RELP 354 Evangelism and Church Growth 3
RELP 435 Pastoral Leadership 3
RELP 436 Pastoral Counseling 3
RELT 123 Fundamentals of Biblical Teachings 3
RELT 221 Adventist Theology 3


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