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 The Theology/Religion department has a four-fold mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the context of the Seventh-day Adventist Church:
  1. To equip students for pastoral ministry
  2. To promote spiritual development for both the general student and department majors;
  3. To prepare graduates for seminary & graduate school programs.
  4. To train those who plan to teach religion on the secondary level.
The Department has a dual function. It serves the general student in the areas of spiritual development and is an introduction to theological studies from the Seventh -day Adventist perspective.


Advancement to candidacy is required of all students majoring in Theology. It is optional for those majoring in Religion (see next paragraph). Students seeking a four -year Bachelor's degree and meeting all other requirements must apply for advancement to candidacy during the beginning of the fall semester of the junior year. Standards for candidacy may be obtained from the department chair. Students are admitted to candidacy for a Bachelor's degree in Theology upon the approval of the Religion Faculty at the beginning of the junior year. Those advanced to candidacy and maintaining it by acceptable performance are permitted to enroll in RELP 252, RELP 254, RELP 255, RELP 354, RELP 435, and RELP 436. Those who are not accepted may reapply before the beginning of the next semester. Candidates taking a Bachelor of Arts in Religion who wish to be advanced to candidacy must make application. Such candidates will follow all procedures for application as those taking a Bachelor's in Theology

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