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Preston Hall (Women Residence Hall)

The first section of Preston Hall was begun in 1939 but not completed until 1943 because there was a materials shortage due to the World War II. Two wing additions were added in 1963 and 1967. The building can house 240 women.

The building was named after Rachel Oakes Preston who was a Seventh-day Baptist in Washington, New Hampshire. She resided with Elder Frederick Wheeler, pastor of a small congregation that had become Millerites. Wheeler's urging that all the Ten Commandments be obeyed led her to discuss the Sabbath with him. He and part of his congregation accepted her idea and the first Seventh-day Adventist church was formed.


Lenheim Hall (Men Residence Hall)

The Lenheim Hall dormitory was completed in 1956. The architectural design was influenced by President L. M. Stump, who had come from California , so this building is architecturally not in sync with the other campus buildings. Very unusual building techniques were used -- entire floors were cast in concrete as one unit and then jacked up to their proper height and fastened to their vertical pillars. One floor unexpectedly collapsed and caused an expensive and timely setback.

It was named in honor of Louis E. Lenheim, who was at the time the president of Atlantic Union Conference. Lenheim Hall can house 180 men. AUC's swimming pool is in the basement.

Student Housing

Preston Hall
284 Main Street
S. Lancaster, MA 01561
Lenheim Hall
366 Main Street
S. Lancaster, MA 01561 
Preston Hall
Atlantic Union College 
P.O. Box 1167
S. Lancaster, MA 01561-1167
Lenheim Hall
Atlantic Union College 
P.O. Box 1128
S. Lancaster, MA 01561-1128 
978-368-2700 - Women (Preston Hall)
978-368-2900 - Men (Lenheim Hall)
978-368-2510 - Women (Preston Hall)
978-368-2511 - Men(Lenheim Hall)

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