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The Annual Fund supports current operations, and in most cases are disbursed annually.

College Annual Funds are typically unrestricted, which means that they are provided for College leadership to use for the current year's priorities. Many new campus initiatives have been funded by unrestricted AUC Fund support. The College counts on regular gifts to our Annual Fund for strategic planning and for filling the gap between regularly budgeted maintenance and teaching and those unusual opportunities our faculty and staff discover for learning or campus enhancement.

Although annual funds typically are not restricted by the giver, they can be restricted to specific programs or projects, such as general student support or program equipment and special supplies or campus beautification. If your choice of restrictions is not listed on our online giving page, please give us a call or send an email so we can help you put your gift to work where you choose. Annual funds are not invested and are intended to be disbursed in their entirety within a fiscal year; donors are notified of exceptions to this practice.

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