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There are two General Endowment Funds at Atlantic Union College.

  • The General Reserves Fund -  necessary for ensuring the longevity of our institution.  This is a restricted fund: 80% of the earned interest in the account will be allocated to: 50% operation requirements, 50% capital requirements. The other 20% of the interest will be reinvested to augment the endowment and to compensate for inflation and recessions in future years.) 
  • The General Scholarships Fund - also a restricted fund with the purpose of providing need-base scholarships to our students.


The Annual Fund support current operations and can be

  • restricted to specific programs or projects according to your wishes, or
  • unrestricted for College leadership to use for the current year's priorities.

Many new campus initiatives have been funded by unrestricted Annual Fund support.  The College counts on regular gifts to our Annual Fund for strategic planning and for filling the gap between regularly budgeted maintenance and teaching and unusual opportunities for learning enhancement.


Capital funds are funds that increase the overall value of the campus and institution. Capital funds are often called "Endowments."  These restricted funds are invested, and only the interest earned on the principal is disbursed.  Although small gifts to endowments may seem inconsequential, they are not: together, many small gifts can earn higher interest and in time make a significant difference in the size of the fund.
Campaigns for buildings are typically "Capital Campaigns" because monies raised are invested during the planning and construction of these buildings and are restricted to only those projects.



One of the easiest ways to support your alma mater is to remember her in your will.
Promising even a small part of your estate in your will can, independently and corporately among many alumni and friends, make a tremendous difference in our Annual Fund or, more typically, in our endowment, which, in turn, affects the lives of hundreds of students and faculty. Of course, this is not the only way to make a deferred gift. Talk to your financial advisor or tax accountant to discover ways in which you can make a significant gift through a will, trust, other bequest, an annuity, or other financial vehicle while ensuring your own financial security.



You can also support the College through memorial gifts in recognition of friends and professors who have made you the interesting and successful person you are. Memorial gifts help ensure that the influence of these former members of college family will continue to affect teaching and learning into the future.





We are here to answer your questions and to help you help others as efficiently and effectively as possible.  
Please contact the Office for Advancement to make your gift in any of these ways:


  • Call us at 978-368-2230 or
  • Send us an email to: give@auc.edu or
  • Send us your contribution to:

    Office of Advancement
    Atlantic Union College
    338 Main St. 
    Lancaster, MA 01523 or

  • Use Paypal (You don't need a Paypal account to use Paypal).


Thank you for thinking of us. We hope to hear from you again soon.

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