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 I forgot my password

So What is MyAUC?


MyAUC is the Atlantic Union College self-serve portal!  Once you login, you can find information on our records, from Missing Documents (Applicants) to Course Materials, Financial Statements, Vehicle and other information (Students).  Please do not share your password with anyone!!



How do I login?{expander}


When you applied to the college, you got an email with an AUC ID# (6-digits) and a password to the email you provided on your application.  Once you become a student, your email becomes the AUC email, usually: FirstName.LastName@auc.edu


 To login, click on the MyAUC link at the top of this page...



A PopUp window will allow you to enter your AUC ID# and password.  Then, click the Login button...


How do I logout?{expander}


Go back to the MyAUC link at the top of this page...



The PopUp window now has the Logout link.  Click the Logout link...


What if I don't remember my password?{expander}


No problem! Just click on the MyAUC link



Enter your AUC ID number and click on the I forgot my password link...




You will see the following screen.  Click the Send New Password button...



 A password will be sent to the AUC email address on file (Students) or the email address on the application (Applicants). Always check your spam folder as a precaution.


 If you get an error message, contact the Registrar office (students) or the Admissions Office (applicants) to check which email address we have on the system.



How do I Register for Classes{expander}

Students who have completed the Admissions Process are allowed to register for classes.  Please follow these steps to register for classes:

  1. Talk to your Advisor.  Your advisor needs to ensure your course selection is the best suited for you to complete your major/certificate requirements as well as your general core requirements.  Make an appointment and discuss the courses options including, for new students, college placement courses.


  2. Fill the "Personal Information Update" and the Registration Agreement" online.  Skip if not the Fall semester for returning students. Before you are able to Add/Drop courses for the current semester you will need to fill the above forms. Please note this process is only done during the Fall Semester, or when you are a new student any other term/semester. Please also note that it will take up to 24hrs for these online clearances to show once these forms are completed.   To do this:

    • login to MyAUC.  

    • Go to the Students tab

    • Go to My Registration page (see options on the left bar)

    • Under the Add/Drop Courses feature, make sure the Term: Year and Semester is the current term for your division: CE (Continuing Education) or UG (Undergraduate).  If it isn't so, click on the Course Search link, change the Term to the current term, then click back on the Add/Drop Courses link again.  These forms will only show for your Division and current registration Term.  Your screen should look like the screenshot below.
    • Just click on the "Complete the..." link under Course Schedules

  3. Pre-Register for classes.  Once those two forms are filled, the screen will change to allow you to Add/Drop Courses.

    Click the Add/Drop Courses link.  Select the term and the division.


    You will see a list of courses.  Click on the Add box to add that course to your schedule.  Do this for all the courses you are pre-registering for.


    Click the Add Courses button at the bottom of the page once the courses are selected. A new page will show the courses you have added. If you have any issues such as prerequisites, overloads or course conflicts contact your advisor.


  4. Contact your Advisor to let him/her know you pre-registered for the semester.  He/She will need to "Approve" your courses.


  5. Complete Registration Clearances.  On the same page, find the list of registration clearances.  Those without a date will need to be completed.


  6. You are done with the registration process once you have (1) Pre-register for classes (2) completed your registration clearances (3) Clear any Holds on your account.  Now the registrar will review your record and "Officially Register" you.  At this point, your name will show up on the Course Roster of the courses you pre-register for.  If there are any issues, the registrar will contact you or your advisor, depending on the issue.  


Have a great semester!!

How do I check My Grades?{expander}

login to MyAUC.  

  1. Go to the Students tab

  2. Go to My Academic Information page (see options on the left bar)

  3. Under that page find the Grade Report feature. 
  4. Change the Term: Year and Semester for the current term for your division: CE (Continuing ) or UG (Undergraduate) 
  5. Click on the View Final/Midterm Grade Report link. A grade of WIP means Work-In-Progress and most likely is that the instructor has not submitted grades yet.  Check back later.
  6. The next screen is a list of your courses and the current grade.


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