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Notice Regarding Atlantic Union College’s Degree Granting Authority by the State of Massachusetts

A copy of the following notification was sent to the Office of the Secretary of State concerning the approval on June 18, 2013, of AUC’s request to offer the Bachelor of Science in Health Science/Biology and the Bachelor of Arts in Theology/Religion , provided that the Board of Higher Education will undertake to review, during the next five-year period, the continued progress of the institution toward meeting the goals set forth in connection with its petition to the Board of Higher Education and its compliance with the following stipulations:

1.      By December 1, 2013, the institution shall submit to the Commissioner for his review and approval updated By-Laws which: a) specify that the composition of the Atlantic Union College Board of Trustees shall reflect appropriate qualifications and professional expertise (for example, legal, financial and/or academic backgrounds and experiences) to lead the institution; and b) that the number of trustees without an affiliation with the institution's parent entity must exceed the number of trustees required for a quorum.

2.    The institution shall review the provisions in its conflict of interest policy which address the reporting, receiving and handling of trustee conflict of interest issues, and shall identify, in its December 2013 submission to the Commissioner, any new or amended provisions resulting from that review.

3.    The institution shall submit to the Board of Higher Education semi-annual status reports by December 15thand June 1st of each year during the five year review period, providing narrative and statistical information on the College, including updates on hiring, enrollment, finances and other information, as requested by Department staff.


Richard M. Freeland


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