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Mission Statement

The mission of Atlantic Union College, a Christian college in the Seventh-day Adventist tradition, is to educate diverse individuals who will graduate and excel in their service-centered professions and actively participate in community engagement.

Objectives and Philosophy

 Atlantic Union College, a Seventh-day Adventist institution, exists to serve a wide range of needs. Its original purpose is still its primary purpose: to help young people of the Atlantic Union Conference prepare for fruitful lives within the Church and in the wider society around it by providing them with an education in a Christian setting. The College also serves educational needs of adults who cannot study in conventional programs and offers programs designed for students ranging from preparatory students to retired adults. The College views itself as a resource center for learning that is genuinely life-long. It is committed to the belief that each person has the capacity to learn and to change, no matter what the age or background of the individual.


As an academic institution in a region rich in cultural resources, the College seeks to establish a campus environment in which diverse learning can flourish. As a part of the world of higher education, the institution has a responsibility to contribute through scholarship to the advancement of learning and to a critical and creative response to events; and it has a responsibility to address through community service the needs of the society in which it exists. The College attempts to establish a caring and responsive community within which the multi-racial and multi-national group of students, faculty and staff can live, study and work together, and within which social as well as intellectual development can take place.


As a diverse learning community, the College aims to offer to all its students, whatever their age, background, religion, race, nationality, or sex, an academic environment in which attitudes, values, and goals can be examined in the light of expanded knowledge and understanding. The emphasis on the campus is on a personal relationship between faculty and students. Working together, faculty and students create an atmosphere within which a community of scholars may discover, organize, and disseminate knowledge and apply value judgments to human thought and activity. By encouraging students to work while they learn, the College is committed to the concept that work is the active expression of knowledge. By establishing a campus in which study and work occur within the framework of Christian faith, the College is committed to the belief that knowledge and action can best be turned into creative power in society when individuals see their entire lives as gifts of service to a loving Creator.

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