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Executive Officers for 2016-2017

Position Officer
President  Samuel Jerome
Vice President  Daniel Moralez
Secretary  Lentz Valcy
Treasurer  Fritznel Bruno
Sergeant of Arms  Demar Brunson
Public Relations Officer  Eric Jean-Baptiste,
 Woodlin Lareche
Historian  Frandalina Jean-Baptiste
Pastor  Kevin Maldonado
D. Michelle Wainwright
Chris Tulloch
 Chartered in 1955, the Student Association aims to unite the students in fulfilling the goals of the College, render Christian service to the community, and to promote communication among students, faculty, staff, and administration.
Miles Building
35 Orchard St
2nd floor, #
Atlantic Union College
Student Association
P.O. Box 1000
South Lancaster, MA 01561-1000
Call: 978-368-2350
Fax: 978-368-2519
E-mail: SA@auc.edu
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