Bulletin Boards

The Bulletin Boards portlet can be used as a discussion area for participants to post their own messages or read messages that may have been posted by others. You can reply to the person who posted the message via e-mail.

The highest-level of grouping displayed on a bulletin board is called a Category. Each Category can have multiple Topics associated with it.  Click on the Topic on it to display all posts on that topic, as well as the author (click on the header to sort by author), the date of posting, and the number of times the post has been viewed.

Note: The Bulletin Boards portlet is very similar to the Forums portlet and actually displays some links more relevant to its not-too-distant cousin. See the Forums topic for more details.



You can Post a Message or Subscribe to a Topic by clicking on the appropriate link.  

There are two main menu options available from the Bookmarks portlet: Manage and Search. The following options are available from the Manage menu:

You can select from two types of search options:


Subscriptions: Within a topic, you can decide to subscribe to that topic and thus all of its posts. Once subscribed, the new posts are e-mailed to you so that you can stay informed.