The Calendar portlet can be used for several purposes:

There can be several calendars of events available related to the context in which the calendar appears (such as an Academics calendar, an Athletics calendar, etc.).  

When you subscribe to other calendars, the events from those calendars are added to yours.  Also, when you have subscribed to a calendar, and that calendar is updated, the updates are also sent to all who have subscribed to the calendar.  

You can also import and export events (in CSV format) and have those events also be displayed on your calendar. Therefore, the Calendar portlet allows you to have just one calendar in which all of your related events are displayed.


The administrator of your portal must give you permission to administer both calendars and events. Depending on your permissions you may see zero or more of the following links in the calendar portlet:

Given the correct permissions, you can also click on a date in the calendar to edit its events.


Click on the wrench icon from the main Calendar screen and select the Preferences tab.