Reviewing posts in the Blog portlet instance

This topic explains how to display posts in a Blog portlet instance.

Note that you can also review posts via e-mail and several other methods. For details on other methods, see the Subscribing to the Blog portlet topic.

+ Understanding the initial view of the portlet

The initial view of the Blog portlet shows only the most recently posted items. Generally, this view includes between two and 10 of the most recent posts. Depending on the way your school's site is set up, the display will include:

The system uses a vertical bar at the left to denote whether a post is new since the last time you displayed the portlet instance. If the item is marked “important,” the bar at the left is red; otherwise it is blue. The next time you display the portlet, the bar will no longer be displayed, even if you did not click through to see the full post.

+ Displaying older items

You can display older posts by scrolling to the bottom of the portlet instance and clicking the Older Items link.

In response, the system displays a page that includes more posts (if any exist). This page includes an archive at the left. The archive includes a list of months to which you can navigate, and a drop-down list that lets you display posts from a previous year.