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"To the entire AUC family, including all who have ever studied, taught, worked  or even visited here, and all our AUC friends – Welcome!

As we work towards our full reopening, it is the goal of the Alumni Association to unite in “the teaching and development of skills in preaching the gospel of Jesus in a way that only each individual can because of a personal relationship and walk with their Maker and Savior.” (Maria Roybal Hazen, past President of Alumni)

At the moment, the Thayer Performing Arts Center and the Northeast Evangelist Training School are bringing life to our beloved campus, established in 1882. Please join us online and in person to reconnect with the College and the people who He has placed here, the ones who, through Christ, are given a mission to bring the Gospel to our world.

Let there be light!

George Odell ’98 ADP, Alumni President

Rochelle P. Kilgore House
26 Flagg Street, 1st floor
Atlantic Union College
Alumni Services
P.O. Box 1000
South Lancaster, MA
Join Us:
Haskel Hall